I see you.

Your courage.

Your wisdom. 

Your deep desire to see more, to feel more, to love more, to be more, to be YOU.

I recognize it as my own inner-wisdom, as it has guided me through the many, many years of profound healing that has brought me to this sacred space of self-love, acceptance, openness and wisdom.

The journey is wild, carrying us through many different terrains of the mind as we peel back layer after layer to become free from the bondage of any disharmony, any pain, any lack of presence, any self-doubt or fear.

You are worthy. 

I am worthy.

We are worthy.

We are here to be free in sight and sensation.

Wild, howling in laughter, crying in reverence, deeply devoted to the wisdom of ourselves and our community. 

Keep walking.

I see where you have your eyes set, on the soft horizon where everything you desire awaits you.

Together, we walk.

Together, we remember.

Together, we embody.

Together, we fly.