A two hour masterclass with Liv and Olivia to align fully with heart centered abundance.


As the concept of “abundance” and “manifestation” begin to weave themselves into mainstream media, our feeds have become inundated with posts boasting “how I manifested $10k OVERNIGHT”, “Manifest your best life in just 5 days!”, or “3 steps to manifest that 6 figure business in a month”.


Sound familiar?


And yet, with all these wonderful promises of how you can have more and create your best life, instead you keep finding yourself defeated, discouraged, lost, and STILL WANTING MORE.


You’ve bought the programs. You’ve hired the gurus. You’ve purchased all the products.


And while they may have made you happy for a moment, as we usually are when we get something shiny and new - the moment was fleeting. Soon replaced by a new “want” for another thing promising to make you your most magnetic, abundant self.




Because as the message of abundance has been poured into mainstream media, some key ingredients have been washed away...


First - A deep, intimate relationship with yourself. 

An understanding of what YOU enjoy. What makes YOU tick. What makes YOU feel happy. What makes YOU feel expansive. What makes YOU feel like you have and are ENOUGH. What allows you to REMEMBER the miracle that YOU are.


Second - Purity in your “Why”.

The deeper your relationship with yourself, the clearer your “why” is for everything you do in life. Your why is your path. Your purpose. Your High Joy. Your heart's total devotion.

When you are clear on your personal WHY, it becomes easier to identify and call in what you need to support it. And you know when enough finally feels like enough. Allowing you to finally put an end to the incessant need for more.


This is the masterclass where:

  • You are going to release what doesn’t belong to you - beliefs, fears, desires - so that you can begin to unearth the true gift that lives beyond that which was never even you.

  • You are going to redefine “abundance”. 

  • You are going to drop back into the deep, intuitive wisdom of your unique Why - so that you can call in what YOU need to feel like you are and have “enough”.

  • You are going to reclaim your true power that transcends any monetary value therefore making you ultimately magnetic in your deep roots and open heart.


Are you ready to add some REAL flavor to your relationship with money, infuse intentional wisdom and magic into your business?


Are you ready to feel SATIATED? To deeply know and trust that you are enough and you have enough?


Are you ready to reclaim true abundance, the kind of abundance that makes you undeniably magnetic in your radiant integrity and deep understanding of yourself and your values?


We believe that the currency of the future is authenticity, alignment and integrity. We promise, the money follows. 


Join us, Olivia and Liz, on September 16th from 11am-1pm MST for a two hour next level, real, raw and clearing masterclass.


We are SO excited to connect with you. 


Bring your cacao, coffee or tea, your journal + a pen, and an open, ready heart.