You are here because you feel what so many do; a deep, unfillable hole within. A void that cannot be repaired no matter what you do, no matter what distractions you engage in on a daily basis, no matter what obsessions you have. Nothing can truly take away the deep emptiness that undoubtably leads to sadness and depression when not allowed to be witnessed and seen and healed.


Together, we will travel through this experience of clearly and lovingly seeing that void, that hole and then bringing it into a space of wholenss through awareness and vision. Olivia will walk you through a series of journaling prompts and then from that space of awareness and clarity, you will move into the clearing.


You will be granted a lifetime access to this guided clearing and so you can come back to this profound experience anytime you sense that you are ungrounded, sourcing your power from without, or have the sense that the sadness is rising as you try and fill a hole that in actuality is not there in the first place.


It is through Olivia's devotion to her own rising wisdom that she brings you this offering. Nothing she teaches is unwalked. This lesson has come from years and years of personal experience with the void, the hole, the emptiness. It is with her upmost respect and honor for YOUR wisdom that she creates this for you to be born into who you really are, in all of your wholeness.