Join Olivia for this FREE masterclass webinar on July 1st from 11am -12pm MST. 


Are you ready to learn the most potent and rare tools to finally freeing yourself from the deepest layers of contraction that prevent you from being FULLY free from your lifelong bondage to those heavy undercurrents of emotion, sensation, trauma, fear, beliefs, and more?


Together we will dive DEEP into how to free the subconcious resistance to your HIGHEST POTENTIAL. 


Though you work all day on concious freedom tools, you likely STILL feel that yucky, heavy weight. Am I right? 


You're probably thinking, "What will it take to finally break this?"


I've got you, babe. 


The tools I will share with you in this free training will immediately change your frequency, your awareness and your actual life force so that you can continue to walk with alignment, integrity and an open heart and radically uplevel in your healing journey and reclaimation of who you really are.


This free training will be potent so make sure you have your journal and a pen so you can collect all the downloads and visions that come through for you. 


I will send you the call invitation 24 hours before our training. 


See you there, angel.