Purchase the recording (this workshop took place in June 2020) for this transformativce 1.5 hour workshop on the throat, the voice, the wisdom of the intuition, how to take action during these intense times, guided clearing as well as the energetic forecast for the next 10 years and why it matters so much to FEEL before doing anything else. 


We will spend 1.5 hours together tapping into the wisdom of system to clear previous beliefs around using our voices, speaking our truths, taking up space and being deserving to have a life where all of us is truly welcome, living from our hearts. 


If you are like most women, you have been programmed to be quiet, to say less and be invisible rather than truly take up space with your wisdom and magic. This manifests as a deep fear of taking up space, setting boundaries, being who you really are in all areas of your life but most of all... believing in your deepest core that you are deserving to be here and that you are needed here and expressing from vulernability and tenderness. 


With deep personal experience and healing expertise, Olivia will guide this group of powerful women (and you!) through wisdom, clearing and connecting. By the end of this workshop, we will each have a deeply rewired belief system around our right to be, our right to speak, our right to take up space, to be healers in our own right.